Criminal Defense

When You’re Fighting For Your Freedom, Call The Davenport Firm, APLC, in Alexandria, LA

criminal-defense-attorney-alexandra--davenport-law-firmWhen charged with a crime, choosing an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands the intricacies of Louisiana law is important. It can mean the difference between living a normal life and facing a conviction that can curtail one’s freedom, family, job and future. Thomas “Tommy” Davenport, Jr., understands that being arrested and charged with a crime is stressful enough without the long lasting effects of a conviction. He will aggressively fight for his client’s rights and work hard to have the arrest record expunged.

If you’ve been charged with a crime, it may seem like the entire system is stacked against you. The police and prosecutor have the entire resources of the government to build a case, and judges often side with the law enforcement officials they see every day instead of who they perceive as a “lowly criminal.” If you’re looking for someone who will protect your constitutional right to be presumed innocent until the prosecutor proves his case, call us today.

Drug Distribution and Possession

Police often take a simple approach to drug charges. If they find drugs, everyone in the nearby area will be charged with possession. If they find a lot, the charges will be upgraded to intent to distribute. However, you have a right to have them prove that the drugs were actually in your control or that you had an actual intent to distribute. Even if they say they can prove that, you may also have a right to have the case dismissed if your constitutional rights were violated with an unlawful search or seizure.

Computer Related Crimes

Computer crimes are in the news nearly every week. People who mistakenly download a single photo are charged with child pornography, or an argument that happened online turns into accusations of cyber stalking or cyber bullying. With the constant publicity, it can be difficult to remove emotions from the equation and convince the court and the prosecutor to take a rational view of what actually happened.


A felony conviction can turn into a life sentence even when no jail time was ordered. You will lose important rights such as the right to vote, the right to own a firearm, and the ability to hold many jobs. If you’re facing felony charges, we will aggressively pursue all options from pleading down to a misdemeanor to seeking a full acquittal in a jury trial.


While misdemeanors aren’t as serious as felonies, they are still criminal convictions that could turn into bars to obtaining employment, loans or renting a home. No matter how minor a charge may seem, don’t try to negotiate a deal on your own. We may be able to help you avoid a criminal charge through a plea to a civil violation, a motion to dismiss, or a trial acquittal.

Jury Trials, Judge Trials, and Appeals

Did you know that nearly all criminal cases result in guilty pleas without a trial? Some defense attorneys may go years without handling a trial as they push their clients to take plea deals. Not us. We have extensive courtroom experience, and while we will pursue negotiations when it is to your advantage, we are also fully ready to use our experience to fight for your rights at trial or in an appeal

If you’re looking for an effective and aggressive criminal defense attorney to fight for your rights, stand up for you and protect you in Rapides Parish or the surrounding areas, contact The Davenport Firm, APLC today.