Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Attorney: Alexandria, Louisiana

The Davenport Firm, APLC, is a law firm for people and its mission is to fight for the people of Louisiana. We practice in Alexandria, Louisiana and the surrounding communities. Led by experienced trial lawyer Thomas “Tommy” Davenport, Jr., we handle jury trials, judge trials, and appeals for people who are fighting the government for their liberty or who are fighting big corporations or insurance companies for basic fairness. With each case, we place an emphasis on getting to know our clients on a personal basis both to put them at ease during stressful times and to help improve their chances of success. We learn to care for our clients, because we want jurors and judges to care for them too.

Our criminal defense practice represents anyone in Louisiana who has been charged with a crime. We have defended people accused of drug distribution, drug possession, drug related crimes, battery, child pornography, computer related crimes, domestic violence, cyber stalking, cyber bullying, and other felonies and misdemeanors.

We also fight for the rights of those who have been injured through no fault of their own whether they are trying to get the responsible party to pay fair compensation or holding the insurance company accountable for actions of their insured, who insurance companies are required to protect. Our practice covers motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death cases, and other personal injury trials and appeals.

We are one of the few lawyers in the State of Louisiana who practice constitutional law. Criminal charges aren’t the only way a government can infringe upon a citizen’s rights, so we are also here to guard against other government infringements such as First Amendment violations and other constitutional law matters. We will protect and enforce your constitutional rights, be it sharing your ideas, expressing yourself, holding public protests, practicing your spiritual beliefs or writing the written word.

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