How to Find the Best Immigration Attorney for You by Chris Kinnison

In my practice, there have been times where people need an immigration lawyer.  While I do not practice immigration law, Chris Kinnison does.  I invited Chris to write an article for the blog to give advice on how to find a skilled and experienced immigration lawyer. I called on Chris because I have known him for some time and am familiar with and respectful of his work ethic and integrity.  I know he will give solid and honest advice.

How to Find the Best Immigration Attorney for You

By: Christopher Kinnison

With so many attorneys out there, trying to find the right immigration attorney can certainly be a challenge. There are lots of things you should considered before making your decision.

First, is the attorney you are considering even licensed to practice law in the United States? Sadly, many immigrants are taken advantage of by “notarios” or people who charge large sums of money for immigration assistance yet are not licensed to practice law in any state. This is a frequent occurrence. First, inquire as to which state that attorney is licensed in. This information can usually be gleaned by looking at the lawyer’s website. Then, you should log onto the directory for that particular bar association to see if that attorney’s license is current.

Once you confirm that the attorney you are considering is licensed to practice law, your next question should be what kind of experience does that individual have? There are lots of ways to figure out this information – first – ask. You are the one paying the money here. If the attorney you are speaking with isn’t willing to give you this information and give specific details about this type of work he or she has done in the past, maybe this isn’t the attorney for you. Also read Google reviews from this persons’ previous clients. Is he or she highly rated?

Finally, and perhaps most important of all, try to find family members or friends who have used this person in the past and get their opinion of him. Google reviews can be misleading so the best way to make sure you are hiring the right person is to find someone who has used this attorney before.

Hiring the wrong immigration attorney can lead to very severe consequences for you and your family, and possibly even lead to you being barred from living in the United States for the rest of your life. So when making this decision, take your time and hire the very best lawyer out there.

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