What happens if we kill all the lawyers?

This political season has produced a strong anti-trial lawyers sentiment. Some people in power and their political machines claim everything wrong with Louisiana is due to the “trial lawyers.” This claim requires further consideration: What happens if we kill all the trial lawyers?
Let us consider these common events: The average, hardworking Louisiana working class person is not paid for his over-time work, or his car is damaged in a wreck and the insurance company refuses to pay for it, or a bank claims he owes more money on a loan that was paid in full, or when a medical insurer does not pay for medicine for his sick child, or his home insurer decides not to pay for storm damage to his home. What can this person do to enforce his rights and obtain justice? The police cannot do anything. The government will not do anything. And, certainly, the politicians (especially those who complain about trial lawyers) will not get involved (mainly because they wouldn’t dare stand-up to “big money,” who stuff their political pockets with money).

Trial lawyers are the only people who can help our citizens seek justice. However, if there are no trial lawyers, then there is no chance for justice. If there is no justice, there is no accountability. No accountability allows the power players and big money to do whatever they please. If the powerful and big money convince the public to kill all the trial lawyers, they ensure they will not be held accountable. This is what the anti-trial lawyers sentiment is about.

The politicians, who are puppets for big money and corporate America, often point to “those greedy trial lawyers” as the cause of high insurance rates and trouble for Louisiana. While it is true some lawyers are “greedy,” this deadly sin is commonly found in people who work in all trades. Greed is the root cause of why trial lawyers are necessary. When insurance companies and corporate America choose profits over people, they are motivated by greed. If these big money companies would treat us fairly, there would not be much of a need for trial lawyers.

But, after reading this letter, if you still believe trial lawyers are the cause of our problems and high insurance rates in Louisiana, here is what you can do to see the truth of the insurance industry: Call your insurance company and promise to never file a claim or a lawsuit against it for any reason whatsoever. Tell your insurance company when your car or home is damaged, you will gladly accept what it offers, and you will not seek justice. After you make all of these promises, ask your insurance company how much of a discount you will receive when you waive all of your rights against it. You will learn your insurance company will not reduce your insurance rates in exchange for you waiving all of your legal rights. This is the result all of us will experience if the politicians for big money interest have their way with us.