Thomas “Tommy” Davenport, Jr. Recognized as “America’s Most Honored Professionals” by American Registry

American Registry announced and recognized Thomas “Tommy” Davenport, Jr., as one of “America’s Most Honored Professionals.”  This award is the first of its kind and pays tribute to people who when ranked across professions and industries rise to the top of America’s most highly recognized professionals. Honorees are carefully selected from American Registry’s comprehensive database of publicly acknowledged professionals. Qualification criteria include repeated, authenticated, publicized honors from the press, peers, trade groups and clients over a five year period. American Registry is in a unique position to qualify top professionals across industries as its researchers specialize in authenticating the legitimacy and value of professional and business recognitions. Even so, the company built its database of professionals recognized for excellence for more than ten years before honoring the best of the best with its new award, America’s Most Honored Professionals.

Tommy vigorously advocates against government oppression when his clients are facing loss of freedom, family, job and future. He tirelessly protects his clients from big business and the insurance industry.  Tommy has fought for his clients in criminal defense and personal injury cases in Alexandria, Louisiana since 2002.