Alexandria, Louisiana Criminal Defense Attorney Thomas “Tommy” Davenport, Jr., Receives “Blackstone Order Award.”

Alexandria, Louisiana attorney Thomas “Tommy” Davenport, Jr., was awarded the “Blackstone Order Award” by the Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. The “Blackstone Order Award” recognizes lawyers who strive to remind judges, jurors and even skeptical prosecutors that it is “Better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.” Recipients of this award are the lawyers who implement Blackstone’s ratio in the courtroom. Tommy was admitted into the Blackstone’s Order for his unwavering devotion to justice and unyielding zealousness in advocacy in defending Mrs. Gayle Underwood, who was accused of battering Mayor Jacques Roy during a city council meeting.

Mrs. Underwood is interested in local politics and good government. She frequently attends city council meetings and other public hearings. During a council meeting, the Mayor was squatting down in front of Mrs. Underwood. He was speaking very loud. In fact, he was so loud, the president of the council called for order by wrapping his gavel on his desk, but the Mayor continued on. So Mrs. Underwood tapped him on the shoulder. Then Mayor’s bodyguard charged Mrs. Underwood with criminal conduct, battery. Tommy successfully defended Mrs. Underwood.

Thomas “Tommy” Davenport, Jr., has fought for his clients in criminal defense and personal injury cases in Alexandria, Louisiana since 2002.